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Greg and Dominique Nelson
Our Story

Where It All Began

Greg and Dominique Nelson started Dynamite Demolition as a solution to a problem.  As owners of Nelson Construction and Renovations, they found it nearly impossible to find qualified demolition personnel on their renovations projects.  Most demo contractors specialize in large-scale projects, but no one was offering strategic residential demolition of kitchens, bathrooms, decks, load-bearing walls, and so on.  They needed someone trustworthy and reliable, especially when the homeowners were living in the home during renovations (which was most of the time).
As Nelson Construction and Renovations grew, Greg and Dominique opted for doing demolition in-house.  They purchased a dump truck and hired and trained their own in-house demolition crew – and soon Dynamite Demo was born.  The company has expanded to the point where they are now offering demolition services to homeowners and other Contractors throughout Tampa Bay, providing the same level of professionalism and reliability as they do on their own renovations projects.

As a State Licensed Building Contractor serving homeowners throughout Tampa Bay for more than twelve years, Greg Nelson knows what is needed when it comes to thorough, safe, proper demolition.  Dynamite Demo now offers complete turn-key service, all the way up to the erection of dust walls, so that Contractors and homeowners don’t have to worry about anything but the creation of their dream home.

Greg also has years of experience in commercial construction, so Dynamite Demolition can also provide this service on smaller commercial projects such as office renovations.


What We Offer

Strategic demolition and debris removal of kitchens, bathrooms, tile, walls, drywall, soffits, siding, and more.
Selective structural shoring and demolition
Concrete cutting and removal

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